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“I will use my smartness and heart kindness to support and inspire others to attain a blissful state and joy in their lives”.

I am so thrilled you can take advantage of these free resources because they come from my heart and with the only purpose to serve as the channel of your transformation and life enrichment.

February 27th, 2019

Identifying the organizational beliefs about the change is crucial since it reveals people’s underpinning motivation to support change. Therefore, finding people beliefs about the change increase the likelihood of flourishing sustainable organizational change that holds the biggest signal of the transition in the journey. All the transactions of our lives execute a process of influence. This robust process is based on our emotions that differ from tactics and approaches that we use in our…

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May 2nd, 2018

I would like to share with you my secret of how I have achieved breakthroughs in all my life’s areas with simple and friendly tools, so you can start seeing results as soon as possible to get what you want from life. Decide what you want. This decision should be made with conscience passion without any minute of a doubt. Meditate asking yourself the following questions: What is my most profound desire? What do I want? What do I want to accomplish in life? What type of experience would I…

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February 28th, 2018

In our fast-paced world where we live in a never-ending changing stage, as a consultant we use many different tools and resources to help our clients with this transition. We have resolved that independently the type of organization we are working with there are three different primary Models of consultation with principles involved that we may want use to approach the areas for improvement better (Schein, E.H., 1999). Model 1: “The Purchase-of-Information or expertise Selling and Telling.”…

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December 6th, 2017

Note: This post was originally posted on Whether you own a business, teach school, manage a small group, coach an athletic team, or are working to advance a worthwhile cause, you need to enroll others in order to achieve the success you want. This not only requires you to hold a vision of what success is, it also requires you to practice coaching and training skills that will inspire others to want to help you reach that goal. Because our success often requires the help…

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September 14th, 2017

El ser humano fue creado para vivir una vida dichosa, y esto es posible. Pero el problema es que estamos atrapados en el eterno “estresamiento” del diario vivir. Nos quejamos de la falta de ingresos para cubrir los gastos, de un trabajo exigente y agotador, de las relaciones terribles y agotadoras en la que nos encontramos, y nos despertamos todas las mañanas ansiosos por el mismo día. Mas sin embargo, toda esta realidad podría cambiar aunque nos parezca insólito porque tenemos de forma…

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