How To Create Long-Lasting Results


A habit per definition is “ a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up”…

However, I think is more profound than that, those small creatures are the ones that dictate our behaviors, reactions and sometimes even our emotions. When a habit is very well developed in our inner, then it becomes a pattern of behavior typically.

”Habits are the gods of your success.”

I have heard “it is easier saying than doing,” and I know you probably too. Nevertheless, It also makes sense to me the idea of “if I keep doing what I always do, I will keep on getting what I always get.” With that being said, there is something needs to change. However, first I must define and identify the “why” that will help me to break this pattern. In other we can succeed with our goal is not enough with the “I want,” I must label the real reason and consequences that I will be paying off if I do not do it now!

This real reason is the opposite-habit (opposite behaviors or does of the usual current ones) that will guide us when facing doubt to making our plan and lead us to accomplish our goal.

This really works! I proved on my own and realized that if I commit to my plan every day by visualizing my prizes to enhance myself from pulling out from those old habits, and logging my new activities, there is no doubt I shall become the master of my own success.