We support organizations to improve their performance and sustainability with Organizational Leadership Psychology Consulting (OLPC).

Our intention with the psychology of organizational leadership is to help organizations, both private and public, for-profit or not, or/and national and international, develop models that meet their organizational needs and objectives. In addition, our business is helping to use organizational resources to leverage organizational well-being and build leaders as a competitive advantage.

Applying organizational and leadership theory principles means understanding organizational dynamics. This implies using contemporary strategic organizational models to consciously and intelligently diagnose and manage change to create organizational productivity. Furthermore, favor the organizational culture by promoting diversity, motivation, negotiation, decision-making, individual personality, and attitudes to manage labor conflicts and occupational stress consciously.

All of our diagnostic or/and organizational change management interventions, training, coaching, or other events are based on a wide range of professional fields such as diversity, inclusion, ethics, equanimity, research and strategic intervention, creation of team synergy, leadership theories, conscious leadership, emotional intelligence, and organizational psychology.

Life & Online Transformational Teachings

Combining professional leadership development with proven business strategies, my joy is working with people at all professional levels containing a wide variety of skillsets. This is the reason why I invite you to take the leap and to be able to make your own clear and positive choice.


We can help you attain the tools needed to inject vitality into your life and your work. With innovative and custom-tailored solutions, we can teach you how to overcome your current stressful situation and defeat your roadblocks, to embrace your goals and efficiently complete the work needed to achieve the success you deserve.

Web Seminars / Workshops

MBaez Consulting will help you to lead your own life, pursue your career of choice, and attain the destiny of your dreams. Give yourself permission to discover who you really are and what you can do to have what you want in life!

At MBaez Consulting, we’re committed to helping you awaken your inner power, realize your capabilities, and utilize your influences to get to an elevated level of success. It doesn’t matter which stage in the process you begin–just take the first step!