“I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum capabilities”

~Bob Nardelli, former CEO of Home Depot and Chrysler

When you max out on the edge of the hill you have two options: you stay sitting around doing nothing or jump. Either choice you make will give you a result, neither good nor bad, it is only your decision.

Why should I hire a Coach?

Principle #45, Success Principles by Jack Canfield

The human being was created to live a blissful life, and this is possible. But the problem is we are caught in the everlasting “stressfulness” on a daily basis. We complain about a lack of income to cover expenses, a demanding and exhausting job, terrible and draining relationships, and we wake up every morning anxious for the same day ahead. Moreover, nothing ever magically changes since we don’t have a magic wand.

How do I know if I could benefit from a coach?

Many factors may give us everyday stress, and we potentially experience the most in the workplace, because this is where we spend the majority of our time. Believe me, and it can have an exhausting impact on our lives. When you are at the midpoint of a work crisis or a professional reinvention, the workplace can become even more confusing and frustrating. When all of your problems or issues confront you at once, it often requires an outsider’s perspective to refocus your objectives and realize what you want most out of a professional life.

Equipped with the right tools, you can rock your business, professional and personal life. A calling that offers you a balance of personal satisfaction, taps into your creativity and at the same time, provides you the flexibility to enjoy your life with your loved ones because everything is running perfect and in its place.

When you put your trust in us as your Strategic Intervention Coach, we will guide advise on crucial business management trades, to you identify your strengths and convert the weaknesses into opportunities to lead your business (professional or life) to the heist.

Business Coaching

Is your business or organization in a slump? Are your employees less productive or less motivated in their day to day activities? We can help you identify and manage your most priceless active “your people.” Let’s shatter mediocrity or average performance by empowering through inspiration!

Mariely Martinez

“María Baez is one of the most committed, determined and reliable professionals I have ever met. We’ve been working together for the past 18 months and experienced outstanding results in my business. She’s a gifted coach, consultant and trainer always sensible to other people’s needs.”

~ Mariely Sylvette Martínez, Coaching & Communications, San Juan PR ~

We have the business management expertise to help you to recognize your strengths and weaknesses, and to determine the most significant opportunities and threats that can directly impact your business. Discover vital elements to maintaining successful and efficient day-to-day operations. Prevent the most common personnel management mistakes that may lead your business to failure. Together we can position your company on the road to prosperous future!

Whether in a public or private business environment, we can help you achieve organizational objectives. Our professional manufacturing and services industry experience includes project management, inventory strategy, process improvement, process management, distribution network and logistics optimization.

Entrepreneurial/Career Coaching

Learn the crucial business management skills whether if you are starting-up your practices or working for someone else. Let us help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses to lead your career path and excel in your occupation. Find all the fundamental elements of a career plan so that you can take action now.

Snjezana Sanjic

“I met Maria in Jack Canfield’s EGA group, which I am a member of too. Her comments and posts give me the impression of very openly, warm person, so that (although we were far away) I was free to ask her for help and feedback about my project “Because health comes first” and what can I say “She was delighted me. Her knowledge, experience, and expertise allow her to approach the project from a broader perspective; she has the, big picture, and clarity needed to see some (for the success of the project) critical details, which I, as the author of the project omitted. Focused, questions in question she led me directly to the center, to the most important things, until I became crystal clear what parts to change, remove and add to the project. The combination of her intuition and empathy is incredible, so her feedback was coaching and healing at the same time for which I am incredibly grateful to her.

Working with Maria can be of great help and benefit and contribute to personal and professional development. Whatever you want to change, improve and achieve, wherever you want to come, be sure Maria will bring you there with her right questions, laser focus and a heart full of love and compassion.

Thank you for helping me, not just to see what I need to restructure my project. Thank you for making more attractive to potential sponsors but particular to see how some of my emotions, beliefs, and attitudes as author influence and block its realization and how, if I want the project to succeed need to solve them first.”

~ Snjezana Sanjic, Integrative Therapist and Systemic Coach, Apali, Center for Personal Development, Zagreb (Croatia) ~

Life Coaching

Your new journey starts here! We help you live your life with purpose and by your values. Learn how to be clear visioned and achieve your goals.

Keep your focused on your core genius. Evolve your unconscious behaviors and old patterns. Take the first step, and we will show you how to get from where you are to where you want to be.

If any of the following describes you, we believe that you can make significant improvements to your life with the help of a coach:

  • – Lack of awareness
  • – Worthiness or self-love
  • – Blocking beliefs and fears
  • – Facing fears on a daily basis in the workplace
  • – Lack of life’s purpose
  • – Unclear vision of what you want
  • – Facing anger and frustrations on a regular basis
  • – Little to no satisfaction in attaining your daily achievements

When you make the decision, Your new journey starts here! Our commitment to you is to help you to live your life with purpose and by your values, learning how to be clear-visioned to achieve your goals.

Whether you choose Strategic Intervention Coaching program for Personal Growth or Professional Evolution, we offer you a positive, inspiring environment with enthusiastic Strategic Intervention Coaches, growth-focused individuals who will support you in your quest and help you achieve more than you can imagine.

Jose Villabona

“I am very happy to have been in the coaching training that you gave us and I can say that I received a lot more than I expected. I am putting into practice everything I have learned and this has made my life much easier and I have opened windows that I saw closed before. I thank you very much and recommend this training to all people who want to grow personally and help others.”

~ Jose Villabona, Enterpreneur, Colombia. ~

When you trust us, you will learn crucial business psychology management skills to impact your organization’s results and your personal life to live on your terms. If you are ready to take the next step in achieving business success, contact MBaez Consulting at 516-730-7711 today!