The Process of Consultation

In our fast-paced world where we live in a never-ending changing stage, as a consultant we use many different tools and resources to help our clients with this transition. We have resolved that independently the type of organization we are working with there are three different primary Models of consultation with principles involved that we may want use to approach the areas for improvement better (Schein, E.H., 1999).

Model 1: “The Purchase-of-Information or expertise Selling and Telling.” The first original approach is crucial. We must learn how to show our client that we are “the Expert” in our field to build a trusty-helper relationship between us. We also can start building this principle by “Always Tray to Be Helpful.” This particular principle has become the essence of my life by looking for the way to be a “light in other people’s lives.” I believe that the only way to realize this purpose is to become a better human being through learning and development fundamentals dynamics that involve healthy relationships between humans.

Model 2: “Always Stay in Touch with the Current Reality” The attitude and philosophy about helping others in their matters are critical components in process consultation, moreover to know their reality current Reality is the “tool” that will help you and guide to have a bigger picture of your client’s concerns to develop and formulate a “customized helping plan” for your client.

Model 3: the consultation process will make the difference in client results since the client is who owns the Problem and the Solution at the same time. With that being said, we need to create a process consultation smooth enough to build a well-built relationship with the client that permits its understanding and actions on the process’s events both internal and external to improve the simulation as defined by the client.

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Schein, E.H. (1999). Process consultation revisited: Building the helping relationship. San Francisco, CA: Addison-Wesley.